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Develop a method

By taking you through a cadence of consistently invalidating your documented assumptions. The faster you learn about what needs pivoting, the faster you will achieve product-market fit.

Work on your idea

Regardless of stage or progress, assuming full responsibility for its strategy and execution. No more playing games; we understand how much becoming a successful founder means to you.

We look beyond

If you can show consistency of execution through validated learning, you will be introduced to our network of local angel investors. You don't need to prove that you are good on paper anymore.


Tomaj Bayat

Fernando Parra

As well received presenters at the monthly Lean Startup Sydney meetup Tomaj Bayat and Fernando Parra have proven their experience and expertise in applying Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies. Their workshops - as structured guidance to get out of the office, speak to your potential customers, take the risk out of your idea and validate your market - will be one of the best investments in your startup. Do this early!

Paul Krajewski Lean Startup Sydney organiser and Co-Director of Founder Institute Sydney

Fernando and I are friends since 2013 and, although he doesn't pursue self-promotion and often flies under the radar, I can say with confidence that he's a tough-leader that is going to have a big impact in the Australian startup community. I'm always excited to hear about and support his initiatives to raise the maturity of his local startup ecosystem; first in Argentina, where we met, and now in Sydney.

Ash Maurya Creator of the Lean Canvas and WSJ bestselling author of Running Lean and Scaling Lean

Sydney is a high growth eco-system, even compared to established hubs such as Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, but we need more founders using Lean Startup to innovate, test and validate their ideas.

Henry Weaver Head of Sponsor and Member Relations at Fishburners

We strongly encourage the early stage founders that we back to follow Lean Startup principles. If new startups applied the methodology correctly, we’d have even greater startup success in Australia.

Garry Visontay General Partner at Right Click Capital


Product Discovery

What should I be building on my next iteration? Learn how to apply Lean UX principles to create validated roadmaps based on the features your customers are willing to pay for.

MVP Prototyping

How can I test the solution before we invest resources into developing a fully scalable release? Learn how to get real unbiased feedback for your MVP from qualified leads.

Value Proposition Canvas

Is what we deliver desirable to our early adopters? Learn how to map your customer in order to understand what drives them to hire your solution.

Pitching and Storytelling

What is the best way to influence the stakeholders that you want involved in your business? Learn how to embrace storytelling techniques to make them buy-in instantly.

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